Key Supply LLC


Key Supply LLC offers complete, personalized services for every lighting and efficiency need. We specialize in providing expert solutions in these areas: Multi-Unit Residential Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Residential Lighting and Commercial Lighting.

Multi-Unit Residential Lighting Fixtures

Key Supply LLC offers a complete line of ENERGY STAR certified LED indoor and outdoor lighting solutions designed to save on energy and maintenance costs for multi-family units, including apartment, condo, townhouse, assisted living, dormitory, and hospitality. All of our fixtures are UL and/or ETL listed, and qualify for utility rebate programs.

Residential Lighting

Lighting that Brings a Home to Life:

Lighting has a tremendous influence on the look and feel of a room. The right illumination can enhance the drama of an entranceway, make a living room cozier or transform an ordinary backyard into an oasis. Whether it’s to make daily chores a little brighter or evenings more relaxing, Key Supply LLC offers a complete line of energy-efficient LED lamps and fixtures to set the right mood in every area of the home, inside and out.

Key Supply LLC’s line of residential products includes recessed cans, retrofits, ceiling fixtures, replacement lamps and outdoor fixtures, all designed to increase the quality of light and lower energy bills for homeowners. Our lamps and luminaires offer many convenient, energy-saving features, such as dimming on indoor models and automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors on outdoor models. Key Supply LLC LED products offer many benefits over incandescent and CFL bulbs. Not only are they more durable, they contain no mercury or other hazardous materials, do not emit ultraviolet or infrared rays during operation, last up to 100,000 hours and do not burn out (they become dimmer after their lifetime).

The ENERGY STAR® Advantage

Key Supply LLC offers ENERGY STAR certified luminaires and replacement lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes for any application — including recessed cans, track lighting, table lamps, and more. To earn the ENERGY STAR label, our lamps and luminaires have been independently certified and undergone extensive testing to assure that they will save energy and perform as promised. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR qualified LED light sources can significantly reduce operating, maintenance and cooling costs for homeowners. ENERGY STAR qualified LED lamps:
• Use 70-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs
• Save homeowners $30 to $80 in energy bills
• Provide the same brightness (lumens) with less energy (watts)
• Last 10 to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
• Help protect the environment and prevent climate change

Outdoor Lighting

Push the Boundaries of Outdoor Lighting:

MaxLite offers a full line of energy efficient outdoor LED products designed to increase the quality and quantity of light while consuming less power. Whether it is to enhance the beauty of a landscape or ensure the safety of motorists, we will work with you to find the right combination of products to meet your lighting goals and budgetary needs. Key Supply LLC’s extensive portfolio of LED lamps and luminaires includes solutions for roadway, area, flood, tunnel and other applications in the commercial, industrial, residential and municipal markets.

Beyond Bright:

The high efficiency of LEDs make it possible to replace high-pressure sodium lamps with a superior quality, white light source that consumes less power. White light offers many benefits over the yellow and orange colors produced by previous generation outdoor products. It appears brighter and more natural looking, which can enhance ambience and increase the overall sense of safety and well being on streets and in parking areas. Brighter, more natural light can also improve clarity and visibility, optimizing safety for motorists and pedestrians. The use of dimming controls, occupancy sensors, and lower wattage alternatives creates flexibility and energy savings unavailable with previous lighting technology.

Reduce Operating Costs by Increasing Efficiency:

Key Supply LLC LED lamps and luminaires offer a long life and energy efficiency. They are 70-80% more efficient than conventional light sources and can be combined with daylight harvesting controls and motion sensors for further energy savings. By replacing outdated lighting systems with more efficient technology, property managers and municipalities can maintain, and even enhance, lighting levels using fewer lamps and lower wattages. But the money-saving benefits go beyond electricity costs; LED fixtures and lamps also require much less frequent maintenance. These gains in efficiency can lead to significant operational savings.

Industrial Lighting

Boost Productivity with Better Lighting:

Owners and operators of industrial facilities face a formidable set of challenges in today’s economy: inventory demands, government regulations, outsourcing overseas, shrinking operations and leaner budgets. Their success in meeting those challenges is dependent upon plant productivity, efficiency, and, now more than ever, sustainability. A well-designed lighting system can play a key role in improving output while reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

Reduced Maintenance, Dramatic Savings:

Key Supply LLC’s LED luminaires and lamps are 70-80% more efficient than conventional light sources and offer a much longer life. But the money-saving benefits go beyond energy costs. Switching to LED lighting also reduces the labor costs and downtime in productivity associated with re-lamping maintenance. These savings are critical to operations in which every second counts toward meeting production goals.

Custom Solutions for Challenging Environments:

Key Supply LLC will work with you to select the right quantity and quality of light sources for your facility and production processes. We offer a full portfolio of durable, high-performance luminaires that meet footcandle requirements for every location, including warehouses, plants, workstations and parking areas.

Commercial Lighting

Putting Your Company In the Best Possible Light:

Lighting can transform a facility in significant ways. It can make visitors feel more welcome, enable employees to be more productive and help reduce a company’s impact on the environment.
Whether it’s a retrofit, renovation or new construction project, Key Supply LLC offers a full suite of LED solutions designed to help you create the right ambience for your building and brand, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements. We will work with you to find the right combination of downlights, fixtures, lamps and architectural lighting to create a personalized space that is on brand, and on budget.

Saving Dollars Through Sustainability:

According to ENERGY STAR, lighting can constitute as much as 30% of energy usage in commercial buildings. Key Supply LLC’s LED luminaires and lamps are 70-80% more efficient than conventional light sources and can be combined with daylight harvesting controls and motion sensors for further energy savings. But the money-saving benefits go beyond electricity costs. Replacing outdated lighting systems with more efficient, sustainable technology also reduces maintenance requirements.